Oil paintings gallery

Please contact Sarah for purchase inquiries, as custom shipping quotations are required.


‘Regeneration’ series

Oil on wood.

European Robin, 12″x12″, $650
Gypsy Moth,12″x12″, $650

Bumblebee,12″x12″, $650
Blue Jay, 12″x12″, $650
Bleeding Hearts,12″x12″, $650

‘Out of the Darkness’ series

Oil on canvas, gloss coat finish.

deer oil painting
Deer, 24″x36″, $750
foggy night oil painting 1
Breaking Light, 17.5″x14″, $395
foggy night oil painting 2
Cliff, 8.5″x6.5″, $190
bird in flight 1
Sparrow, 8″x8″, $150 (single)

Sparrow Series (6 pieces), $800

fox oil painting
Fox, 40″x30″, $875
mouse oil painting
Mouse, 20″x10″, $375
beaver oil painting
Beaver, 24″x24″, $600
foggy night oil painting 4
Evergreen, 8.5″x6.5″, $190
bird in flight 2
Sparrow, 8″x8″, $150 (single)
bird in flight 3
Sparrow, 8″x8″, $150 (single)
owl oil painting
Owl, 36″x18″, $675
foggy night oil painting 3
Island, 8.5″x6.5″, $190
bird in flight 4
Sparrow, 8″x8″, $150 (single)
bird in flight 5
Sparrow, 8″x8″, $150 (single)
bird in flight 6
Sparrow, 8″x8″, $150 (single)